Jewish Messianic Expectations (4/4)

The Messiah - Different Thoughts from Pseudepigraphical Sources and Conclusion      Another important study that bears much influence on the messianic expectations of the first century is the pseudepigrapha.  The Pseudopigrapha literally means “falsely attributed,” and refers to Jewish religious works from 300 B.C. to 300 A.D.  These are works which falsely attribute an author... Continue Reading →

Jewish Messianic Expectations (3/4)

The Messiah - Different Thoughts from Qumran Sources There have been many documents found at the Essene community of Qumran that deal with the messiah.  The Essenes were a very strict religious sect who separated themselves from society and lived in their own community off the Dead Sea.  They are most famous for their library... Continue Reading →

Jewish Messianic Expectations (2/4)

The Messiah - Different Thoughts from Biblical Sources Becker says that the messianic expectation idea was not widespread.  It was limited to the Southern kingdom and only Micah and Isaiah were involved in this messianic idea.  It is not mentioned in Hosea, Amos, Zephaniah, Nahum, or Habakkuk.  He concludes his argument by saying that “A... Continue Reading →

My Bio and Blog

I have been a youth and family minister 12 years.  I love working with teens and helping them to come to know Jesus better.  I graduated with a B. A. in Bible and Religion and Youth and Family Ministry and went on to get a Masters of Ministry and Masters of Divinity degrees.  I love... Continue Reading →

Jewish Messianic Expectations (1/4)

The Problem The word Christ, the Greek form of the Hebrew word Messiah, appears 528 times in the New Testament!  The concept of a messiah is central to the Old Testament[1] It was the Israelites hope for their glorious future.  The messiah is not just central to the Old Testament but it was central to... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Disciple (2/3) – The Blind Man

“God can deal with our doubts” "Immediately the father of the child cried out and said, “I believe; help my unbelief!."   - Mark 9:24 Have you ever watched those “Epic Fail” videos.  Videos that show scene after scene of people doing dumb things and getting hurt?  We watch these videos, and I always wonder, “What... Continue Reading →

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