Lord’s Prayer in Schools – What are we praying?

Just a couple of days ago, students in Alabama were told they were no longer allowed to pray before their Friday Night Football Game, instead there would be a moment of silence. In an act of bravery, the students stood up and recited the Lord's Prayer. Taking a step back - What are we praying when we pray the Lord's Prayer? Let's take a look!

Poisonous Power of Porn

The biggest danger of pornography is that it separates us from God.  This separation grows exponentially worse with pornography’s habit forming nature.  When a person looks at pornography, a flood of chemicals including Oxytocin and Endorphins are released in the brain that carve out neural pathways that encourage repeated actions.  Your brain says, “that was... Continue Reading →

Helping Your Anxious Teen

Here is the handout I did for Helping Your Anxious Teen. I taught this to at a Youth Ministry Conference and to parents in a parenting class. Much of this information is taken from Helping Your Anxious Teen Book. Helping Your Anxious Teen HandoutDownload I hope this information is helpful. If you have any comments... Continue Reading →

Do Not Worry

Above you will find one lesson and sermon I did on the same passage that deals with the Anxiety and Worry. This was in conjunction with my continual focus to speak Biblical truth into teen lives about issues they face.

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