Messy Love and the Resurrection

We have all heard it before Jesus loves us.  But as we think about Easter and the Crucifixion and resurrection, we need to be reminded Jesus loved us, but it was and is a messy love.  During Christmas we think about the birth of Jesus, we think of sweet baby Jesus and the wise men... Continue Reading →

Does God Hear and Help in Times of Need?

Christians go through times when we feel as if God does not hear our prayer or answer when we need him. We are not alone! The Psalms of Lament in the Old Testament express the Israelites feelings and frustrations when they felt abandoned by God. However, there is much we can learn from how they express their frustration and how they remain faithful.

Is the Bible Violent? Genocide in the Old Testament.

In a Video that went viral, a group took the Bible disguised it as the Quran and read passages out of it to see how people reacted. They were disgusted with the language of the “Quran” but then told it was from the Bible. How do we deal with passages that promote violence? Is there more going on than what is on the surface?

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