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I have been a youth and family minister 12 years.  I love working with teens and helping them to come to know Jesus better.  I graduated with a B. A. in Bible and Religion and Youth and Family Ministry and went on to get a Masters of Ministry and Masters of Divinity degrees.  I love... Continue Reading →

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This is a Test

We have been having a Bible class about Christians and Politics. Todays lesson is about Immigration. We begin by sharing a few facts and then spend time on actions we can take.

Lord’s Prayer in Schools – What are we praying?

Just a couple of days ago, students in Alabama were told they were no longer allowed to pray before their Friday Night Football Game, instead there would be a moment of silence. In an act of bravery, the students stood up and recited the Lord's Prayer. Taking a step back - What are we praying when we pray the Lord's Prayer? Let's take a look!

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