Is the Bible Violent? Genocide in the Old Testament.

In a Video that went viral, a group took the Bible disguised it as the Quran and read passages out of it to see how people reacted. They were disgusted with the language of the “Quran” but then told it was from the Bible. How do we deal with passages that promote violence? Is there more going on than what is on the surface?

“Evil is Make-Believe” – Book of Job p2

An American couple did not want to believe that evil was real and most people are nice and just want to get along. Tragically they were killed by ISIS as they were biking near the Afghan border. Evil is very real. As Christians how do we deal with it? Let’s look at Yahweh’s speeches in the book of Job. This post looks at the structure of God's speeches and what that can teach us about their purpose.

Kyle Guy, the NBA, and God’s Glory, part2

Kyle Guy, a former University of Virginia Cavalier, and NCAA National Champion, was selected 55th in the 2019 NBA Draft last week. He said in a tweet, “every last praise and all glory goes to God.” That’s a great sentiment that all Christians should share. But what is God’s glory and how do we give it to him. Let’s take a look! God Saves For His Glory

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